Muhammad Babangida


Muhammad Babangida currently serves as special advisor to the Santa Isabel Petroleum Company which is a subsidiary of the China National Petroleum Company. Muhammad Babangida is responsible for negotiating and coordinating with appropriate governmental agencies in behalf of Santa Isabel in the African Nation of Equatorial Guinea where Santa Isabel operates.

Since completing his education in Europe and the U.S., Muhammad Babangida has earned a reputation as energetic and innovative businessman. In the past fifteen years Mr. Babangida has worked in the oil and gas, banking, real estate and security services industries.

Mr. Babangida sits on the board of Unity Bank, PLC and served as the chairman of the board and head of the credit committee for Intercity Bank, PLC.

Characterized by enormous energy and enthusiasm, Mr. Babangida is a hard driving businessman and sportsman who is dedicated to positive results and is also motivated by a commitment to his family and philanthropic activities. He is particularly interested in public education projects.

A great lover of all sport, Muhammad Babangida is an accomplished polo player and is member of the Kaduna Polo Club.

Muhammad Babangida and his wife and children live in Niger State, Nigeria. He relaxes by reading and listening to jazz, rhythm and blues and traditional African music.

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